Process of the students’ enrolment for the GOODFOOD educational activities is now open

We are happy to announce that the students enrolment for the 1st GOODFOOD e-learning & Summer Course has started! An 8-days GOODFOOD field stay will take place in July 2021 at Münster University of Applied Sciences (Germany), in collaboration between 6 European universities (MUAS, Germany; ISARA-Lyon, France; UNISG, Italy; WULS, Poland; AUP, Bulgaria; UO, Romania) and will be preceded by an introductory obligatory e-learning module (May-June 2021), filled with team-building group tasks and interactive discussion forums.The summer programme consists of exciting field trips, workshops and lectures, and will equip the participants in high-quality, interdisciplinary knowledge, in a wide range of topics in the area of embedded food systems, e.g. regional and traditional food, slow food, food sovereignty, locality of the food chains, organic food and farming, food communities. There will be a range of different educational activities, and also giving much opportunity to develop intercultural, international relations with colleagues from all above mentioned universities.

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The GOODFOOD project started on the 1st November 2020!

We are happy to announce the start of our GOODFOOD project ‘Good teaching practices in experiential learning for effective education in embedded food systems’. The 2-year project funded by Erasmus+ builds a network of EU higher education institutions and rural food communities and territories, to develop, test and implement experiential learning activities and outcomes allowing university teachers and students to learn, explore and exchange knowledge about embedded food systems and best practices of their future development and implementation.

You are very welcome to explore our GOODFOOD website to learn more about all the planned GOODFOOD activities and outputs!