eLearning courses "Embedded food systems in territories"

These are two 6-weeks e-learning courses in the topic of embedded food systems, organised in May-June 2021 & May-June 2022 within the GOODFOOD project. The e-learning phase of the project is an introductory phase for the following Intensive Study Programmes (in Germany in July 2021 and in Italy in July 2022), therefore the covered topics aim to give the students background knowledge and prepare them to the topics that will be wider studied and discussed during the Intensive Study Programmes.

Warsaw University of Life Sciences is responsible for making use of all available features of the WULS e-learning platform for the project, as well as for coordinating the process of developing and placing all educational materials on the platform. All partners are responsible for preparation of study materials to be placed on the platform. GOODFOOD Partners put every effort to provide innovative education for the recruited students, as well as other people willing to make use of the system in the future.

Students enrolled to the GOODFOOD educational activities (e-learning and Intensive Study Programmes) also have a task to analyse and characterize selected embedded food systems cases from their home regions. They work in pairs/small groups during the e-learning course, guided by the GOODFOOD lecturers.


May-June 2021 & May-June 2022


WULS e-learning platform